About Us

Blackjack London is an independent music label promoting all new electronic, alternative, pop, rap, hip hop and grime events. Promoting showcases at The Great Escape & SXSW. 

Established in 2012 by Sheffield, UK born DJ/Promoter Bhavesh Patel. 

Blackjack London's live / club events have seen the likes of Maiday, Jetta, Ady Suleiman, Max Marshall, Josef Salvat, Hero Fisher, Chasing Grace, D/C, Mikill Pane, New Desert Blues, Shakka, Ebony Day, Jake Isaac, Ray Jones, Billy Lockett, Nick Brewer, Tom Prior, Lily Juniper, Jones, Rocky Nti, Alex Mills, Ed Black, Jody Brock, Saturday Monday ft Julia Spada, DRDR, David Stewart, Kyan, Hunter As A Horse, Kyra, Reuben Hollebon, Shystie, Rubee Rayne, Natalie Lungley, Sam Garrett, Baby Blue, Ny, Camouflage Children, iAm1, Cynikal, Shem, Ruby Ann Patterson, Doug Sure, Jake Hart and more take to the stage for live performances and guest DJ slots